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What is Copyright and Fair Use? ("A Fair-y Use Tale") A video discussing copyright laws and fair use. This video uses Disney characters to make its point. It should be viewed by all administrators, teachers and students.
Please note that in some districts (including the Pittsburgh Public Schools), you cannot connect to many streaming video sources - especially YouTube. Therefore, for that reason and so that you don't have to wait for the file to buffer while showing it, it is suggested that you download the video onto your own machine before use.

Fair Use FAQ from the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers

What is Plagiarism? (Georgetown University)
Per Georgetown University's site:
"...three simple conventions are presented for when you must provide a reference:

  1. If you use someone else's ideas, you should cite the source.
  2. If the way in which you are using the source is unclear, make it clear.
  3. If you received specific help from someone in writing the paper, acknowledge it."
Find out more detailed information on what you should do or cannot legally do when using other people's work. http://gervaseprograms.georgetown.edu/hc/plagiarism.html</span>

What is Plagiarism? (Widener University)