Teaching Students the Research Process

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52 Library Lessons -- grades 1-8 -- using science topics as the context

  • Each lesson is self-contained - ready for use (unless you decide to edit it)
    • 4 lessons per unit
    • There are 2 units per grade, grades 1-5, and 1 unit per grade, grades 6-8
    • Lessons are provided as MSWord-2003 documents for ease of use and ease of editing
    • Lessons were created so that in most cases:
      • Net connectivity is not required (though links are available)
      • Specific books or editions are not required for individual lessons
  • There is a skills/lessons crosswalk included so that you can more easily find lessons that meet your needs.
  • Lessons were developed as a part of our Literacy Through School Libraries grant (U.S. Dept. of Education, 2008-2009)
  • Library Lessons.using science - click here to download
    • Note, the file is 13.8MB