• Encyclopedia Research Worksheets Ginger Lambeth, Feb., 2008 Here at Faison Primary we are focusing on PSSA prep until April 11th. To that end, all of the library lessons and activities for grades 3 & 4 will be in a format designed to get our students ready for the test. Most of what I do is “content eligible”, and to that end I will be tweaking the lessons that I would normally be doing, rather than tossing out the baby with the bathwater. I do think it would be helpful, however, if we compiled a list of PSSA library activities, much like our goal of a bank of successful lesson plans. I have attached a set of worksheets that I use with third grade. The PSSA issue with this set of questions is answering the question that is asked, rather than hurriedly guessing what the question is. Usually, students only do one or two of the sheets, but for the PSSA prep I will have them each do the complete set. If you only have one set of Discovery (I have two), World Book should have the answers as well.
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    • ABC Order--Guess My Letter.doc (Julie Swartzentruber, Pittsburgh)